XAG’s first market maker will be established soon

XAG Labs is preparing to establish a market maker department to meet the business needs related to the growing value of the blockchain on the XAG public chain. The division will focus on providing liquidity for blockchain-related assets and provide quality services to clients through the role of a market maker.

Blockchain technology has become a hot topic in the global financial and commercial fields, and its strong decentralization and security properties make it the preferred solution for many enterprises, institutions and individuals. In this case, XAG Labs decided to set up a market maker department to further enhance the competitiveness and market position of the company and the public chain in the blockchain field.

As an IT company in Japan, XAG Labs is well aware of the huge potential and maturity of the Japanese blockchain market. Since 2017, the Japanese government has been actively promoting the application of digital currency and blockchain technology, and the corresponding regulations and regulatory framework have become more and more perfect. This provides a stable market environment for the market maker sector. The previous market maker service on Ripple has also provided mature experience for developing the market maker business on the XAG public chain, which will greatly accelerate the progress of development and deployment.

The market maker department will focus on providing liquidity and supporting the trading of various blockchain-related assets. To this end, the department will build an efficient market maker system to ensure that customers can conduct transactions quickly and safely. At the same time, the department will also provide customers with market consulting and professional services to help them better understand market dynamics and industry trends. We believe that our technical strength and market advantages will enable our new division to succeed in both the Japanese market and the world market.

The CEO of XAG Labs said: “We believe that blockchain technology will play an important role in the future financial and commercial fields. The establishment of the market maker department is part of our active response to market demand. We are committed to becoming a leading blockchain Service providers, providing customers with better solutions and more efficient services.”

The establishment of the market maker marks that XAG has made significant progress in its strategic layout in the blockchain field. In the future, XAG Labs will continue to strengthen research and development in the field of blockchain to provide customers with more high-quality solutions.

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