The Arrival of the Value Intelligence Engine

XAG Labs is a blockchain technology company in Japan, but we serve users all over the world. In the past two months, we have been accelerating the development of a new generation of value intelligence engine. We will continue to improve our technical level and product level to meet the needs of the new generation of blockchain.

In the past year, XAG has made great progress in the Value Internet, the ecology has become increasingly rich, and the circulation value has continued to grow. Therefore, in 2023, we will shift one of our focus to the development of the value intelligence engine. At the same time, we will not forget to continue to increase the value on the blockchain: we will continue to strengthen our blockchain technology to help users realize the purchase and circulation of value.

In addition to the purchase and circulation of value, we noticed that in the era of great inflation, anti-inflation and value growth will be important features of the new generation of Value Internet. We will apply new technologies in the field of Defi and Web3 to our products to provide more efficient, safer and more reliable services. We will continue to work hard to promote the development of blockchain technology to help users not only realize the purchase and circulation of value, but also be more resistant to inflation and value-added.

The new generation of value intelligence engine will provide a decentralized financial system, which can realize asset management, loan, investment and other functions through smart contracts and blockchain technology. It will have the following advantages: decentralization, the operation is not controlled by any central organization, and the security of assets can be ensured. Transparency, all operations of users are transparent, which can ensure the rights and interests of users. High efficiency, the speed of XAG is fast, which can realize real-time asset management and transfer. In the future, users can use XAG to achieve anti-inflation and value-added value, for example: Join investment funds: users can achieve value growth by investing in funds such as ETFs. Participate in lending: users can use their own assets as collateral to obtain loans through the lending platform and increase the value of assets. Participate in Defi exchanges: Users can increase asset value by participating in transactions on Defi exchanges. Participate in liquidity mining: By providing liquidity, you can get the price difference between market fluctuations and get airdrops.

We look forward to realizing these technical goals as soon as possible, and grow together with the XAG public chain in 2023.

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