A number of developments to meet the arrival of Web3

The XAG Labs has been active recently, and the development of various Dapps is progressing smoothly. At the same time, the laboratory has received a lot of email feedback. Based on this feedback, the laboratory has updated the progress of the projects.

In the Web3 social tree project, the binding of leaf nodes is opened in advance. Users only need to bind the WTAA ID of the root node of the tree through Dapp. It can also be manually bound by sending 5XAG to rKf5c29puQF4rh7RbvzmGu1kFjPUAhVKqc and using the root ID as a tag. The root node of the tree needs to obtain its own WTAA global ID in the Dapp and inform its leaves.

In addition to airdropping XAG to the roots and leaves of the research project, the laboratory will also airdrop LAB tokens. LAB will be a token for the laboratory to practice a new proof-of-stake method, namely the POC model (Proof of Contribution), which is different from traditional POW and POS. It emphasizes the user’s contribution, and the history of each wallet on the blockchain will be used as a reference for the contribution. For example, participating in Dapp interaction, holding various assets (XAG and other assets), participating in DEX transactions, etc. In the future, the laboratory will open multiple rounds of LAB airdrops after the XAG airdrop, and eligible users can apply for it in the Dapp.

In addition, in the field of games, the laboratory introduced the GameFi concept “Play to earn”. This difference is revolutionary compared to the “Deposit to play” or “Free to play” of traditional games. GameFi gamifies the rules of DeFi. Participating players are not only consumers, but also value miners and generators. Users can get airdrops while playing the game.

With the arrival of the era of Web3, the application of XAG ecology will be more abundant.

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