XAG integrates ChatGPT, becoming the first public chain to apply the most advanced AI

March 18, 2023, Tokyo, Japan, XAG Labs announced today that it has successfully integrated ChatGPT in the wallet, becoming the first application to apply this artificial intelligence technology. This technology will help people learn and work more easily.

ChatGPT is a powerful artificial intelligence technology that can handle natural language processing and dialogue systems, and can autonomously learn and generate human-level language texts. Compared with other natural language processing technologies, ChatGPT is unique in that it can interact with users in a more natural way, thus providing a better user experience.

XAG Wallet is a decentralized platform that can provide users with various blockchain services, such as issuance, management, circulation and other value. Now, by integrating ChatGPT, the wallet can help users create value and complete various tasks more easily. For example, users may receive personalized study and work advice through conversations with AI bots. With appropriate questioning, a large amount of textual work can also be done directly.

The CEO of XAG Labs stated that the integration of ChatGPT is an important milestone that will make XAG wallet a more valuable platform. “We are excited to be the first blockchain platform to implement ChatGPT. We believe this technology will help us better meet the needs of our users and enhance their experience on our platform,” he said.

OpenAI, the creator of ChatGPT, also applauded the news. An OpenAI spokesperson said: “We are very happy to see ChatGPT being used to solve practical problems. We believe that Dapp users will benefit from the powerful functions of ChatGPT, and hope that this technology can provide users with better learning and work experience.”

By integrating ChatGPT, XAG will continue to lead the competition in the field of decentralized applications. XAG Labs stated that they will continue to explore artificial intelligence technology and find new ways to improve the user experience.

Note: The above press release was made with the help of the just completed Dapp.

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