Third-party apps make XAG trading volume skyrocket

Aug 11, 2022 (Blockchain Media via Ventsmagazine) — Tokyo

According to Japanese blockchain media reports:

Recently, a game developed by the Tokyo community in Japan has completed the test. On the day it was launched, it attracted the attention of XAG Labs. The lab’s IT staff noticed a very large increase in the network’s transaction volume.

The transactions we monitor on the network are several times higher than in the past, and we think this is a good phenomenon, which will help more people understand and use XAG network. We also hope that more teams will develop applications on XAG chain.

It is reported that this is a game about block hash quiz, using the open and transparent characteristics of the blockchain to ensure the fairness of the game. Utilizing the high performance and low cost of XAG chain ensures instant feedback of the game. Therefore, as soon as it was launched, it became popular in Japanese circles. Not only that, but some users have begun to use it in other countries such as South Korea and the United States.

At the same time, some users have expressed their concerns. An enthusiast in Tokyo expressed his opinion.

Gaming can cause some people to become addicted. And once more commercial activity comes in, advertising may also become flooded. In addition, the applications developed by third parties have nothing to do with the official XAG Foundation , and the reliability remains to be seen.

In this regard, a blockchain expert in the Japanese community gave an answer.

We should look at this issue in an inclusive way. There are games everywhere in society, and we should raise the awareness of users. When games and advertisements are flooded, they can be limited by technical means, and there is no need to worry about this problem at present. Regarding the reliability of third parties, I think everyone should switch their views. In the blockchain era, reliability is guaranteed by algorithms. Blockchain applications are almost never official. Time and history will keep those real apps alive.

More Japanese enthusiasts hold a wait-and-see attitude, and they hope that more applications can use the XAG main chain, which will help attract more users and enterprises. Cross-chain applications can communicate other values, and active in-chain applications can help enhance their own value. The strength of the XAG main chain is enough to support more applications to flourish on it.

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