Smart Bridging: Making XAG Digital Gold

In the new version of the smart client, including the web page and APP version 5.2, an important update is included: smart-bridge. The release of this feature allows XAG to become the general equivalent in the blockchain, or even called digital gold.

The powerful system of Xrpalike Gene provides a reliable path for the realization of the Internet of Value. It allows people to easily make payments between any source and destination asset. The intelligent matching system automatically finds the way and considers multiple conversions between assets to find the most favorable payment exchange rate.

The new Smart-bridge feature greatly improves this payment function and greatly increases the liquidity of XAG and other assets. When using the quote mode, newly placed quotes will not only be available in the direct orderbook (source to destination currency), but also in the XAG counterpart orderbook to improve liquidity. If an orderbook related to XAG is built directly, then this part of the liquidity will appear directly in all non-XAG orderbooks with that asset. Smart-bridging, a new orderbook will be constructed, this orderbook will contain direct quotes and bridging quotes.

After the release of the smart-bridge, the assets released by an issuer do not need to build a direct orderbook with USDT, XRP, ETH, etc., but only need to pool funds to build an orderbook with XAG. The smart bridge will automatically connect with USDT, XRP, ETH and other assets, and generate a bridge orderbook to display to all users. Through the WTAA protocol, it is convenient to link to these main chains.

XAG will become a must-have reserve asset and trading asset for all asset issuers, and become the general equivalent of the Internet of Value, just like gold status in the real world.

Note: The main upgrade of this feature is in the xag-core system, which does not affect the use of the old version of the APP, but the old version of the APP cannot see the new orders formed by the smart-bridge. The new version of the APP is not restricted.

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