XAG Labs Launches WTAA Global Digital Identity

The digital economy has become an inevitable trend of future development. Digital identity is the basic work for the development of the digital economy and the infrastructure in the Web3 era.

The WTAA protocol officially opens a new milestone of decentralized finance in the Web3 era, and the WTAA global digital identity will be an important application based on WTAA. Each wallet address can apply for an exclusive digital ID. This ID is unique and can be used for asset recharge, identity binding, role recommendation and other scenarios. A unified digital ID will simplify users’ lives and lay the foundation for more application scenarios.

For example, users can use this ID to store cross-chain assets, and when users extract assets such as Ripple from centralized exchanges, they can use it as a tag. In other cases, the digital ID can also mark the relationship between users. For example, the relationship between wallets and community nodes, and the recommendation relationship in the game.

In conjunction with this, the mobile APP will be significantly upgraded. The new APP will access various Dapps of the WTAA protocol. Cross-chain will become simpler. The first batch of connected Dapps will also become examples of community applications, making the ecology more prosperous.

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