Ten millions of XAG will be awarded to smart client users

XAG Foundation Announcement on March 25, 2022

When the XAG Labs smart client goes online with version 1.1, the foundation strongly supports the development of application tools by community nodes, and recommends the majority of demanders to experience the core advantages of XAG public chain self-financing. In the new generation of value Internet, we will give XAG rewards to every trustee who participates in the use of smart client.

Based on the amount and duration of USDT stored, the starting time is February 25, and the USDT on the XAG chain will be snapshotted at intervals of about ten days. An airdrop is carried out at 1% of the value of USDT. The total amount of each airdrop is 1 million XAG. If the total value exceeds 1 million XAG, the airdrop will be carried out according to the proportion of USDT. The airdrop will last for three months (March to May), with a total of ten times.

XAG smart client link: https://trade.xag-labs.com

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