XAG Launches New Liquidity Smart Contract

XAG Labs announced a new major development that brings the XAG ecosystem to a leap-forward upgrade. This major development will greatly increase the liquidity on the XAG Chain, thereby realizing a true “Value Internet”. This major development is the deployment of a new liquidity smart contract on the XAG Chain.

As we all know, Ethereum is famous for its smart contracts. Uniswap, on the other hand, is the leader in smart contract applications and the standard for automated market makers (AMMs). XAG’s liquidity smart contract will eventually be further developed and improved in the function of Uniswap.

This time, the new intelligent liquidity engine will open up a whole new field of AMMs on the XAG Chain. The injected liquidity will be distributed along the price curve, and the same trading pair can have different price ranges and superimposed liquidity. Moreover, based on the built-in decentralized exchange of XAG Chain, it is directly displayed in the form of an order book, which can more conveniently provide the basis for complex market-making strategies. Compared with Ethereum, XAG’s faster confirmation time, lower cost, and higher concurrency make XAG a natural and unparalleled advantage to build a liquidity pool.

The first smart contract engine will be led by the current community node XagFANS to inject 5 million XAG liquidity, and adopt a self-growth strategy. All market-making income will be automatically reinvested into the liquidity pool, which will make the liquidity of this contract better and better.

The XagFans community node said:

In the future, the liquidity pool will be opened to ordinary users, because the Ripple gene belongs to each of us.

A new generation of smart contracts has opened the XAG 2.0 era. The future intelligent ecology is taking shape, and the real value Internet is about to be realized here.

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