XAG Labs Releases XagTrade’s New Generation of Smart Client

After more than a month of testing, XAG Labs officially released version 1.0 of the full-featured client. The client released this time has a brand new interface and is fully compatible with the previous Ripple wallet format. The same Ripple account file can be opened directly in the client , which represents the inheritance and development of the Ripple protocol. People who have Ripple wallets all over the world also have Xrpalike Gene accounts, which can be migrated seamlessly.

XAG Labs said that this is only the first official version, and the second and third versions will be launched next. At present, USDT, Ripple and XLM will be added in the payment field for the time being. In the future, more types of currencies will be added and cross-chain functions will be opened to further promote the Internet of Value.

In future versions, the expansion function enhancement upgrade of the underlying technical facilities will also be released. The functions of self-issued assets and self-built internal trading will be added. And will fully support the WTAA protocol to truly practice the future of the decentralized economy. At that time, scenarios such as metaverse and chain games will be easily realized on Xrpalike Gene.

At present, you can directly open https://trade.xag-labs.com through the webpage for experience. If you need higher security, you can download the desktop version directly from the official website https://xrpgen.com/files/XagTrade-1.0.0-win-x64.zip, currently only Windows Client is released.

Everyone is welcome to give feedback through the XagFans Forum. Effective feedback will be rewarded by the XAG Labs.

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