Xrpalike Gene will launch Autonomy agreement of Web3 (WTAA) protocol

Web3 represents the next era of a more democratic Internet, and the Xrpalike Gene main chain will release a powerful new protocol for the arrival of this era. On the XAG main chain, the user’s privacy and metadata are fully controlled by the user. XAG creates an underlying architecture with almost zero gas fees for users to realize their own ideas. In this strengthening upgrade of the Xrpalike Gene main chain infrastructure, the Autonomy agreement of Web3 (WTAA) will be realized.

The power of the WTAA protocol will be another leap forward in the construction of the Xrpalike Gene extensibility facility. WTAA will be launched before the middle of 2022, and the main service target is the majority of entrepreneurs. Realize the distributed deployment of their own independent database servers; privacy and security construction, data encryption processing, storage and transmission; economic mechanism design and function realization and decentralized independent projects, including but not limited to ICO asset issuance , circulation, asset management supporting systems, operations, on-chain security tracking, etc. to provide a comprehensive framework. The current hot NFT projects can also be implemented on this protocol.

After the launch of this protocol, the infrastructure in the XAG open ecosystem will follow up and support, so as to truly realize the realization of a fully autonomous economy.

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