Create your own token on XAG network

Issuing Token is an important function of the blockchain, and thousands of assets have been created already. Most chains have high requirements for issuers. For example, Ethereum requires creators to write contracts using Solidity language, which restricts ordinary people from creating and issuing value on the blockchain. Today, we will show you how an ordinary person can create a token on the Xrpalike Gene without writing a line of code. In fact, you can consider that XAG chain comes with a powerful smart contract engine.

Before that, you need to make the following preparations:

  1. The PC wallet software Foxlet.
  2. An account of your own with some XAG in it.

Let’s start, here is the process:

  1. Create a brand new account, and we can name the account file as “Issuer.txt”. It will be your central bank. Then use your account to activate it (for example, send 100 XAG).
  2. Open the central bank account and set the “Payment flags”. Turn on “Default Rippling”. If you don’t do this, people who hold your asset will not be able to send the asset to each other.
  3. Open your account and add a trustline to the central bank in the “Gateways” menu. The “Issuer Account ID” is set to your central bank account, the code is three capital letters, such as JPY, and the amount is set to 1 million or more.
  4. Open the central bank account and send JPY to your account. Set the recipient as your account (you have added the central bank’s JPY in the previous step), then select JPY and enter 1 million. Send and confirm.

Congratulations, you have issued 1 million JPY! You can see it just by opening your account. In the whole process, you don’t need to write a line of code, you only need to open the wallet multiple times (switch the central bank account and your account). As long as other accounts have also added the same JPY, you can send JPY from your wallet to them.

The convenient features for creating tokens truly bring the inclusive finance of blockchain to everyone. Anyone can issue assets on the XAG chain, activate the sleeping value in society, and create a future Internet of value.

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