XAG Build Challenge

The Xrpalike Gene foundation decided to use 20% of XAG for community ecological construction as stated in the white paper. From 2021, a large amount of XAG will be given to outstanding community builders as rewards every quarter.

This ecological construction challenge is divided into three aspects: application development, community construction, and media promotion.

Application development is any website, program, application, etc. related to XAG application. It must be open source, have a github address, and indicate the XAG address in the readme file on github. Other applications must be proved by actual cases and media reports.

The community is built as a community of enthusiasts around the world, and it must be a wired meetup activity, with on-site photos, videos, media reports and other proofs.

Media promotion includes websites, forums, media reports, tutorials, etc.

Community builders need to send an email to developerxag@gmail.com to register. The title is XAG Build Challenge. The content includes project name, type, and project details (website, github, report link, etc.). The deadline for submission is February 28.

The foundation will complete the project selection and publicity in March, and complete the XAG award at the end of March.

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