Xrpalike Gene and Wafu signed a cooperation agreement

Recently, the xagfans team in the Japanese community has signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Wafu Co., Ltd (株氏会社和風). The collaboration content is very in-depth, including not only subsequent technical development, community operation support, etc., but also future market development such as the design and application of the Xrpalike Gene traceability protocol, the use of XAG for online shopping, and the use of XAG for real estate purchases.

The agreement with Wafu indicates that the expansion of the Japanese market is accelerating, and it is expected to have in-depth cooperation with more companies in the future. Wafu attaches great importance to the development of Xrpalike Genne, a technology company with a long history in the Japanese Ripple community. After learning about the development plan of Xrpalike Gene, I am very confident to join the promotion of Xrpalike Gene and co-sponsored the first Japanese gathering held in Shinjuku last time.

Now, through Wafu, XAG can be used for consulting real estate in Japan. In the future, Wafu will also provide real estate and immigration solutions. And will also cooperate with the xagfans group to maintain the consensus node in Japan and realize the development content in the agreement.

Wafu CEO Yasushi Kawabata said that at the end of the year, it will launch a full package of XAG payment methods to purchase real estate in Japan for China and South Korea.

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