Winners of the 1st Build Challenge

The XAG foundation received many project registrations in the first quarter. After our selection, we are happy to announce that the following projects have become our contest winners.

Application category:

XAG Ripple Gateway: Xrpalike Gene’s gateway on Ripple, XAG and XRP have realized decentralized point-to-point value exchange on Ripple.

Foxlet Wallet: One-click switch between Ripple and Xrpalike Gene’s decentralized wallet. It is also one of the most widely used Ripple wallets in the world.


Purchase of real estate in Japan: Wafu Co., Ltd provides XAG users with a full-process service for purchasing real estate in Japan, from finding real estate to signing the contract, including after-sales lease, all can be done with XAG.

XAG Gift Card: An exquisite card wallet that can be used to gift each other between friends. Use the mnemonic phrase to import it into the wallet.

XAG paper wallet: A wallet that can be printed on paper. It is very convenient to make. As long as you have a printer, you can print a wallet and give it to a friend.


Community category:

XagFans Forum: Xrpalike Gene Forum that supports Chinese, Japanese, English, and Korean languages.


Tokyo Asset Research Group: Held a meeting in Shinjuku, Japan. Established XAG’s plan to purchase real estate with Wafu Co., Ltd. Also translated Xrpalike Gene’s information into Japanese.

Media category:, a website dedicated to publishing Xrpalike Gene news, will also collect and translate foreign news into Chinese.


chainflyer, an overseas journalist, has created many original articles and published them in and Japanese newspapers.

Participation Award:

链说视界,罗文泽,木村拓东: WeChat personal or public account, published and promoted Xrpalike Gene.

The specific amount and distribution of the rewards of the contest will be carried out in April. If the above winners have not submitted the Xrpalike Gene Wallet address, please send an email to for supplementation.

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