One click issue assets – XAG’s ecology grows richness

xag super node

Since open source of Xrpalike Gene, with the powerful function of one key asset distribution, many ecological partners around the world have issued their own tokens on XAG public chain. XRC 1:1 anchoring XRP issued by Gene Asia Pacific Gateway realize the trading pairs of Ripple and Xrpalike Gene, which can realize point-to-point, decentralized exchange within Gene Asia Pacific Gateway, and XAC token has been used by many users within the issuance of a few weeks; community members send e-mails to ask about the differences between these tokens and the original token XAG, and here to reply you all
XAG is the original token, the total quantity is constant, and it can’t be over issued. This is written in the algorithm. XAG has the media value of value transfer, and it is also the gas on the public chain network.
XRC and XAC are the assets issued on the XAG public chain with different anchors. These tokens are unlimited and can be over issued at will. They can be similar to USDT issued by Tether on Ethereum. At the same time, the transmission between these tokens needs to consume the original token XAG.
The more assets issued by ecological partners on XAG public chain, the more frequent transfers means that more original tokens XAG are consumed, XAG is decreasing, and its value will be higher and higher. At the same time, it is recommended that XRC and XAC users monitor the original release account, which can be monitored by using the Xrpalike Gene browser, to avoid the loss caused by over issuance of issuers.

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