XAG listing in OKex’s Singapore Vvcoin Exchange

Warmly congratulate XAG on the upcoming launch of OKex’s Singapore Vvcoin Exchange!

Thanks to the community for co-construction work.

【Project Description】

Xrpalike Gene (XRP Gene) is the same binary public blockchain system derived from Ripple’s XRP blockchain system,which helps to solve the problems that need to be solved, and quickly builds a new generation of blockchain-based secure distributed financial books. Any organization (including governments, enterprises, industry mergers or individuals and communities); zero-cost transaction settlement within the ecosystem; through the combination of the main blockchain and sub-blockchains, the system’s security, greatness, efficiency, and capital adequacy are improved. You can issue any tangible asset or intangible right to the digital assets of Xrpalike Gene, complete the functions of confirmation, notarization, transaction, and circulation, and finally realize “credit circulation, asset circulation, value circulation”.

Because XAG and XRP are based on the same set of source code, XAG is only stored in the original XRP offline (cold) wallet. When XAG is charged to the exchange, XAG and XRP have different hot wallet receiving addresses, but when XAG is exchanged from the transaction When it comes to offline (cold) wallets, the receiving address can be the same or different addresses.

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