XAG completes blockchain node expansion

Thanks to the efforts of XAG Labs, global users can now connect to available blockchain nodes more flexibly. XAG has successfully completed the expansion of its blockchain network and released new public service node addresses to the world.

Blockchain technology has always represented decentralization and distribution, but there have always been some challenges in user connection. Some users are unable to smoothly access the blockchain due to network congestion or node restrictions. Node expansion work has changed this situation.

In order for global users to benefit from this expansion effort, the company has disclosed the public service node address to the public. These nodes are designed to provide fast, reliable blockchain connectivity no matter where the user is. Users can easily connect to this powerful network simply by setting the correct node address in their blockchain wallet or app.

There are four new public node addresses. They are Japan, the United States, France and Singapore. Their domain name is

  • wss://jp.xag-labs.com
  • wss://us.xag-labs.com
  • wss://eu.xag-labs.com
  • wss://sg.xag-labs.com

The lab has also upgraded its web wallet and mobile wallet. Users can now freely switch blockchain nodes in the settings of these wallet applications to meet different needs. This provides users with greater autonomy and control, allowing them to better adapt to different blockchain scenarios. This marks that XAG blockchain technology continues to move forward on a global scale.

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