XAG Labs launches Web3 social tree project

In the interaction of web3, each blockchain account has its own credit and history. Through the credit and history of the account, the account can be profiled and a topology map can be established. These data help scientists study human interaction behavior in Web3. And the anonymity of the blockchain also makes the data safer and more authentic.

In order to encourage users to participate in this web3 research project, XAG Labs will issue airdrop rewards to users who participate in the research project. The entire research project will be demarcated on November 1. Each account can choose to become a super node (root node) and a normal node (leaf node).

  • Root nodes. Before November 1, 2022, you can sign up to participate in the Root Node. The root node of the tree must maintain a position of 6 million XAG.
  • Leaf nodes. After November 1, 2022, you can sign up to participate in the Leaf Node. Each leaf node can only be bound to one root node. It cannot be changed after binding.

XAG Labs will take snapshots from time to time after November 1st. The root node will receive a gift of 1% of the holdings of the entire tree (root + leaves). Leaf nodes will receive a reward equivalent to the activation fee (20XAG).

The project will be pushed on the latest mobile APP, and you can directly use the Dapp to register. Users can also sign up to become a super node in the following way.

Send 100 XAG to rKf5c29puQF4rh7RbvzmGu1kFjPUAhVKqc with the node name as the message. The list of super nodes and the registration method of leaves will be announced on November 1.

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