XAG Labs launches a one-click token issue tool

In the latest code repository, a project named token-issuer is officially open source. Not only that, the web page is also hosted on github, which avoids the difference between the code in the deployment and the warehouse, and achieves maximum security. The access address of the tool is:


The function of this tool is to issue tokens with one click. It aims to lower the threshold for users to issue assets on the XAG main chain. Users only need to prepare two wallets to issue any asset of 3 to 12 characters. After users issue assets, they can interact with all other assets on the chain through the bridging order with XAG, thereby realizing value circulation.

Assets will be defined by each user. Asset value will also be discovered by free markets on XAG DEX. Each user can blockchainize their assets and credit, whether tangible or intangible value. All these assets together with XAG will form the Internet of Value in the web3 era.

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