New round of airdrops will include Ripple and Stellar

After the payment bridge between Ripple and Stellar is built, users can deposit and withdraw Ripple and Stellar on the Xrpalike Gene public chain. USDT, Ripple, XLM can be exchanged to XAG with one click through the built-in DEX.

In order to encourage users to use the Internet of Value built by Xrpalike Gene, and also thank Ripple users for their strong support, in the new round of airdrops, snapshots will be taken not only for USDT, but also for Ripple and XLM. After the snapshot, the airdrop will be carried out in proportion to the value of the snapshot, and each round of airdrop will receive a maximum of 1% of the value of XAG.

At present, two rounds of airdrops have been carried out, and eight rounds will be carried out in the future, each with an interval of about ten days.

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