New Implementation of WTAA Protocol – Payment Bridge between XRP and XLM

Xrpalike Gene’s cross-chain technology has realized the key application practice of the WTAA protocol concept – for the first time, it has become a bridge supporting the value payment between Ripple and Stellar.

XAG Labs announced that the new smart client will support Ripple(XRP) and Stellar(XLM). Users can exchange these two coins with one click in Xrpalike Gene’s DEX, and store and withdraw them fully across the chain through the WTAA protocol.

As we all know, in the field of payment, Ripple is famous for serving many large financial institutions. The goal is to match SWIFT, the Association for Global Interbank Financial Telecommunication, and hopes to become the mainstream agreement between traditional banks and transform the payment system with blockchain technology. Stellar Network is vigorously developing inclusive finance, providing services to small financial institutions, such as providing services to places where the banking system is not popular, and providing technical support for cross-border payments for some small countries. The two together cover many application scenarios in the payment field. The launch of Ripple(XRP) and Stellar(XLM) in the XagTrade Wallet is equivalent to opening up a bridge between the two payment systems, so that the value of XAG can be linked to the existing blockchain support network, which greatly expands the value Internet of XAG range.

Unlike Ripple and Stellar, which only focus on financial payments, Xrpalike Gene pays more attention to various values ‚Äč‚Äčaround people, and is committed to building an Internet of Value around them. The future is a data and information society, and the value around you will be increasingly transferred to the chain. Xrpalike Gene is a public chain that is improving WTAA (Autonomy agreement of Web3). The main purpose is to make various forms of value (such as legal currency, encrypted digital currency, assets issued by enterprises or individuals) as free, autonomous, safe and convenient as sending emails.

The advantages of Xrpalike Gene’s low cost and high performance far exceed traditional blockchains such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. XAG Labs will also launch more products and tools to help you issue and store assets. The Internet of Value in the future is coming. Are you ready for the new Web3 revolution?

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