XAG helps Tokyo Olympics

At the Tokyo Olympics, as the athletes continue to forge ahead, there is also the process of XAG.

The combination of sports and blockchain has become a reality. For example, not long ago, the NBA and NFT cooperation. Now, the United Kingdom will display all the legendary moments, videos, photos and other works of the British team in the Tokyo Olympics on the blockchain. The non-tamperable and traceable characteristics of the blockchain can ensure the authenticity and authority of sports collections and facilitate the confirmation of sports data. XAG can provide a full range of support for the above blockchain products.

In the past Olympic Games and the upcoming Paralympic Games, XAG used its powerful payment function to help hundreds of tourists from all over the world complete thousands of online payments. Turn their foreign exchange into Japanese yen through the XAG network. At the same time, using the innovative payment protocol combined with Filecoin, all relevant proofs are also stored on the chain. Kawada Hidetoshi, head of the XAG Labs, said: “If it were not for the need to prevent the COVID-19, our XAG could support more tourists. The data processed now is less than one percent of the network’s ability to pay.”

The use of XAG payment and the combination of Filecoin is very in line with the future of energy saving and environmental protection. SBI said the crypto can be “settled instantly” without much of an impact on the environment because it doesn’t rely on mining, making it an attractive choice. Therefore, XAG can not only play a role in the Olympics, but also in a wider range of economic activities in the future.

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