Xag Labs released development documents

Recently, Xag Labs launched its official website https://xag-labs.com. On the official website, the development documents which compiled in cooperation with the Xagfans community have been published.

In the document, two ways to interact with Xrpalike Gene nodes are disclosed: websocket and http. This is also the two common API interaction methods in the world. Therefore, programmers of any company can develop applications related to Xrpalike Gene through this document.

Xag Labs stated that the publication of the document is part of the development roadmap. More applications will be developed in the future. Xrpalike Gene is a powerful blockchain on which various assets can be issued. For example, tourists can use XAG to pay for expenses in Japan during the Olympics. Large companies can use Xrpalike Gene chain as a carbon neutral trading market. With smart contracts, the current transactions between enterprises can be completed more securely and at a lower cost.

The registered developers of Xag labs said that more people will participate in the construction of various applications in the future. Everyone is full of confidence in the new generation of cross-chain applications.

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