New value network! 2020 Tokyo Shinjuku meetup successfully concluded

On October 10, 2020, a XAG meetup was held in Shinjuku, Japan’s most prosperous and most beloved by overseas people.

With the gradual maturity of blockchain technology and the accelerated popularization of blockchain applications, social awareness has increased rapidly. The field of blockchain application is diversified and expanded, extending from the financial field to all aspects of the real economy. The value of the blockchain will also be concentrated in the value network of the new era. The meetingup this time is around the theme of the new value network.

The organizer of XAG’s meetup is Wafu Co., Ltd(株氏会社和風).Wafu CEO Yasushi Kawabata explained to more than 50 participants how to issue assets on Xrpalike Gene, and introduced Xrpalike Gene’s latest technological progress and latest application cases. Using the latest Ripple Wallet, it demonstrated powerful payment functions. Yasushi Kawabata also said that with the introduction of compliance policies such as the tokenization of Japanese securities and the tokenization of assets on the chain, the issuance of assets is a vast and infinite blue ocean, and Xrpalike Gene can show its talents. The attendees all expressed great interest and attention to the issuance of assets on Xrpalike Gene, which will greatly promote the value circulation of assets and bring revolutionary development. Yasushi Kawabata said that in the future, he will focus most of his energy on Xrpalike Gene’s related technologies. As the operator of a blockchain enterprise and a senior blockchain geek, he sees the potential of surpassing Ripple in Xrpalike Gene.

Wafu Co., Ltd. was established in 2016, with its head office located in Tokyo and a branch in Kanagawa Prefecture, which focuses on IT and other high-tech and overseas markets. It is a company mainly engaged in the investment and application of financial products such as virtual currency. In-depth cooperation with Yahoo Finance, CoinDesk, CoinPost and many other professional virtual asset media. In terms of the application of virtual assets, Wafu can provide customers with one-stop services such as real estate purchase, high-end medical treatment, overseas immigration, and business consulting in Japan in a convenient and legally compliant manner with digital currency. In the future, Wafu will deepen cooperation with the Xrpalike Gene Community to jointly expand the Japanese market.

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