XAG was listed in Ripple’s official market website Xrpcharts

Recently, Xrpalike Gene (XAG) has been officially listed by Ripple’s official market website Xrpcharts. As the same technology as Ripple, it appeared on the homepage of the official market website together with XRP this time, demonstrating the strong technical strength of XAG. Since the open source of Xrpalike Gene in 2019, technology has continued to improve. It has not only established an open and stable consensus network. It is also integrated into the Ripple Wallet, which perfectly realizes the one-click switch between Ripple and Xrpalike Gene Network. Existing Ripple users can directly own Xrpalike Gene without creating a new wallet. The XAG circulates on the Ripple network through the gateway, which realizes one-click exchange of assets with various countries.

XAG/XRP K line

Xrpcharts is a dedicated website established by Ripple to include assets transactions on Ripple. It is the only quotation website officially controlled by Ripple. Only when Ripple is officially recognized, can outstanding assets be displayed on the homepage of this official website. This website comprehensively records the transaction data of all assets circulating on Ripple, and Ripple technology itself guarantees that all transaction data are real. Because the data displayed on the website is highly authoritative and credible, all assets appearing on the homepage are well-known and highly valued by the Ripple community.

This time XAG appeared on the homepage of Xrpcharts, which proved that XAG is objectively effective in Ripple’s technology and transactions, and was officially recognized by Ripple for the first time. Through Xrpcharts, we can see since landing on Ripple Gateway. XAG’s trading volume on Ripple has steadily increased, ranking among the top five. The price of XRP is also rising. In today’s revival of Defi, the rise of XAG trading is undoubtedly of great significance. This signifies that XAG has begun to stand side by side with XRP, showing its vigorous vitality both in technology and in the market.

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