XAG super node is coming

xag super node

Xrpalike Gene super node program is about to start, 1 billion XAG is waiting for you.

The Xrpalike Gene Foundation plans to reward 50% of the total token held by the Foundation to the XAG eco-builders in an average of 10 years. From October 1, 2019, qualified community builders can apply to become XAG business nodes and community nodes. The Foundation will publicize the successful business nodes and community nodes.

The first application period: From now on to December 31, 2019

The first voting period: From October 1 to December 31, 2019, each quarter is one voting period.

The foundation is responsible for a total of 10 billion for awarding qualified business nodes and community nodes. One billion one year, with a total incentive to release in 10 years.

Among them, 500 million are distributed equally according to the total number of qualified business nodes; the other 500 million are distributed weighted to qualified community nodes.

For details, please refer to http://vote.xrpgen.com. Submit your apply to supernode2019@gmail.com

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